Timing Is an Important Part of Tax Planning

Have you ever seen a cat on the side of the road that waits until the very last second and then darts across the road in front of traffic?

Ever see one that didn’t make it and think, “Some child is going to be very sad soon.”? I always wonder what makes the cat wait until the last second, but then again that’s what most taxpayers seem to do!

They wait until February or March with a filing deadline looming and then dash out in front of a tax preparer and beg, “Is there anything we can do to lower this?” 

Like the cat, perhaps the preparer has an idea and they miss getting hit with the entire bill, but that doesn’t happen often. Most taxpayers in that situation end up as roadkill, tax burden wise.

If you could talk to the cat you’d say, “Why don’t you go sooner, or wait until the car passes and then walk across the street safely?”

That said, we the tax planners all over the US would like to invite you the taxpayers to walk calmly into our office any time between now and Thanksgiving and say, “What can we do about this year’s tax bill?” We can methodically and carefully show you many, many concepts that will get you to the other side of the road with your tail still intact.

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