Your family vacation, paid for by the IRS!? #vacationforfree?

With summer time in full gear, the business world takes a noticeable slow down as key employees that drive productivity are finally taking a few well deserved days off. Vacations have changed over the last 20 years in that the 10-14 days off at one time seems to have faded away and shorter more frequent “action style” vacations are trending. Planning and Google searches for vacation locations and activities are reportedly 38 searches per vacation, so if you spent 5 mins on just 20 of those 38 searches you’ve spent over an hour and a half. Multiply this by 3 short vacations a year (2015 AARP said boomers planned 4-5 a year) and a boomer spends at least 5 hours per year planning for fun.

How much time does the average person spend planning tax savings? None? One hour with the tax preparer as they pick up their return in April, which they almost never actually act on? If you Google search the question you get redirected to how much time is spent doing your taxes, because tax planning isn’t even searched enough to be a Google result!
To quote our Commander-in-chief on Twitter: #sad

There are so many proactive things that people can do to lower their tax bite that are simple and easy to both understand and implement that we actually wrote a white paper on the subject! Contact us for a free no obligation copy and take it with you to read in the car, on the plane or on that one rainy day on vacation. When you get back and catch up at work call us and we’ll go over the list and help you get started! If you spend 1 or 2 hours with us we are confident that we can help you save in taxes enough to pay for at least one vacation, perhaps two! Call, email or text us and ask for “9 Easy Ways to Reduce Your Taxes”. What have you got to lose?…except tax dollars, if you don’t call!

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