As You See Your Family This Summer, Think About Your Lack of Estate Planning.

Hopefully, you have family that you love and that loves you. It’s the greatest asset any of us could have. If it’s not the family you were born to, then we hope you have a family you put together for yourself…..sometimes those are even better. Summer time seems to lead us all to gathering families of all kinds together at events, to have BBQ`s or other “get-togethers” and it’s during that time that it wouldn’t hurt for any or all of us to reflect on our plans for helping them to help us in our time of crisis. After all, none of us are going to get out of this life unharmed!

Death and taxes are the only certainties in life, yet at our tax office we ask in our questionnaires if folks have a financial power of attorney, health care directives and health care power of attorney, will & testament or living trusts; and those answers are usually “No”. It’s OK, it’s human nature not to want to think about all the bad that can happen to us, let alone make an appointment with a lawyer and plan to talk about it for hours and pay a legal bill as desert!

This is just a quick reminder that we work with a national network of attorneys and have pre-negotiated pricing that’s really great for those legal documents for our clients. We can also assist you in formulating your choices, in plain English (not Latin), so it’s quick and easy.

Would you rather a have a judge of probate or a hospital-employed doctor make your choices for you when in crisis, or have good documents already in place that specify the people you have chosen to make those decisions?

Call us and we will help you knock it out fast and affordably, so you can smile at those family members at the next gathering, rather than thinking about the burden ahead for them that you didn’t mean to leave…but did!

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